Amateur radio

My New Year’s present to myself is a Yaesu FT-DX3000

2016-01-02 20.26.11

It’s got lots of bells and whistles I need to learn about, so will no doubt be reading the manual for weeks.

So far it’s very impressive. The receiver can pick up things my old Kenwood TS570 couldn’t hear.




Had some fun at the weekend. A few of us from the radio club had a go at the practical wireless 144MHz QRP contest from Epsom Downs. Managed to work 61 stations, including Scotland and Ireland.  This was good practice for the ssb field day in September. Had a few folks staring out of the windows from passing cars wondering what we were doing.

I bought a hands free kit for my Yaesu FT7800 in my Volvo.

Very simple to install, it just plugs into the Microphone socket and replaces the fist mic.

It has a Microphone which clips on to the sun visor, and a ptt swtich, which I’ve cable tied to the gear stick.

visor-mic gear-stick

It’s surprising just how much easier driving is with both hands while operating the radio..

Went up to Epsom Downs to have another play with 4m.

Managed to work Peter, G7RPG, who was operating portable from Berkshire downs near to Newbury. I also spoke to Martin, G4FKK, in Carshalton.

It looks like the 4m band is busier than I was expecting.

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been lent a couple of radios to play with.

On the 4m Anytone rig that Martin, M0SGL lent me, I managed to contact Fred G3XXN, in Worksop about 40 miles away, who kindly came back to my CQ call.  It was quite crackly, but the contact was made.

Martin, M1MRB, lent me a Motorola DP3400 DMR handheld, which I tried out – see the following video :-